February 25 2021

How to become a pan card service agent.

Have you ever thought of opening a PAN card service provider center or becoming a PAN card service agent? Before entering this business, you have to be familiar with the PAN (Permanent Account Number) consisting of 10 digits alphanumeric number issued by the Income Tax Department of India, allotted to the PAN cardholder.

PAN card is one of the most important documents allotted to every taxpayer of the country which is also accepted as identity proof by many Governmental organizations. In this concern, several outlets have been opened in almost all states across the country to help the PAN application process for the candidates. There had the biggest question of how to fill up the PAN card application form and where to submit it. Nonetheless, the online agents have provided useful service to the consumers which has made the whole process piece of cake.

Anyone need a PAN card for-

Purchase and Sale of any immovable property, vehicles except two-wheelers, company’s shares including opening DEMAT accounts, securities, etc

To file Income Tax Returns and to claim the tax refund

For tax evaluation

Easy accessibility

To avail of a credit card

To receive or do the payment in cash for more than Rs. 50,000

There are three ways to become a PAN card agent

Register PAN cards through official websites

As we know two major websites, NSDL and UTI offer PAN card service you can individually start making other applicants PAN cards without having any issues, all you need One Personal Computer and have all the knowledge about How to apply and make PAN cards. You don’t need any nsdl pan card agency registration or UTI pan card agency registration for this.

but you can make only individuals PAN cards only by this method for making company PAN cards and authorities you need to keep yourself as registered PAN Card agent.

1. Register through GST Suvidha Kendra help in getting a PAN Card Agency

This business can give you a big stage to grow and earn money. More than 75% of the people have PAN cards with them as it is necessary for one to pay tax.

The first thing before applying for a PAN Card agency is to examine the eligibility criteria-

Must have 2 passport size photographs

Minimum Intermediate pass

Above 18 years of age

Indian Citizen

applicant should have a basic knowledge of the internet and computer

Must provide residence proof and date of birth proof

You can fill the GST suvidha kendra form as mentioned below, only for reference visit the website for the application.


Email address

Mobile Number


Pin Code

After submitting a GST expert would review your form and contact you within 24 hrs. If your application is accepted and there is no GST Suvidha Kendra near your locality you will get a call from them and will be asked to submit a copy of your Aadhar card, PAN card, and 1 passport size photo.

2. Register through Pay Point India 

Pay Point India has been also authorized to apply for PAN CARD across India through our retail network.

The retailer will able to make an online application of New PAN Card and Correction / Duplicate.

What does the retailer/agent need?


Document Scanner



You can follow Basic Process for Apply a New Pan Card, by visiting the official website, the data mentioned below is just for reference and is subject to change.

Fill up the Online Form.

2 passport size photo’s

Print Fill up From.

Scan the necessary Document

Proof of Address

Proof of data of Birth

So, this was a quick view over how to become a PAN Card service agent you have any doubt regarding PAN card, do let us know by commenting below or contact us, we will be happy to help you, do share our page with your loved ones if you think it helped you.

If you have any more queries regarding PAN cards, we are working on more o FAQs and articles on the same will be also published here, so stay tuned for more informative articles. Have a Good Day, Thanks for reading.