February 25 2021

Important Reasons to Avoid PAN Card Rejection


Reasons for Pan Card Rejections

Applying the PAN Card is a comfortable and simple process and it can be done both online through portals of NSDL and UTI and offline. When you are filing an application form, there are many cases of rejections on the PAN card. PAN application of people gets rejected due to inadequate and incorrect information. most of the time, the information provided by an individual does not match with the asked documents submitted and, like other cases, the application is rejected. Both individual and corporate entities like companies, trusts, etc. face the problem of PAN card rejection.

Reason for the mistake in the PAN application card

The reason for the denial of the PAN form is the same for both the online platforms NSDL and UTI. The main reasons for rejection of your PAN Card application.


Mistakes in the name stated in the form and in the document provided: Form 49 A (online pan registration form) and Form 49 AA have various fields that need to be filled correctly by the PAN appellant. It contains personal details such as age, gender, name, date of birth, address, etc. Particular columns designated to fill the required fields, sometimes appellants fill these details improperly. For example, if the name logography in the form differs from the name you named in the document. At that time there are chances of the appearance of error in PAN form.


The mistake in PAN happens in carrying documents: Documents that are presented to the PAN Card department as identity proof or address if the document does not have clear print and are not acceptable for the authorities to recognize as valid identification proof. In those cases, the application form of PAN Card discarded by UTI or NSDL.

Follow the steps to Avoid PAN Card Application Rejection

A few things to remember while filling a Form for PAN Card:

Avoid using initials while defining the ‘name’ fields in the PAN card Application Form. This is one of the main reasons affecting the application’s approval. Furthermore, if the names stated in the approving documents do not match with the PAN card form, the application will get refused. Also, initials in the name field are not admissible under the PAN card. Appellants can check their PAN Card status online in a suitable way.

The PIN Code of the area to be fulfilled in the PAN Application form. It is a significant step to be followed as PAN Card is to be sent using postal services that need a complete address with the PIN CODE.

Applicant Landline and mobile numbers must include ISD and STD codes. In the case of contact numbers, the right country code must be given. This way, PAN Card officials can contact the applicant cause there is a requirement.

PAN Card Application Form to be filled in block letters and securing all mandatory fields to be provided to avoid rejection of the PAN Card application.

In addition to if your PAN card has some wrong information and it needs to be corrected or your pan card is missing, you can go through pan card correction official websites, NSDL or UTI portals for applying for correction in pan card, and provide pan card correction documents, you can also view your pan correction application status, after successful correction you can take pan card reprint by paying some nominal charges to get it delivered to your address

You can also apply for your missing pan card through, the pan card missing application form, and it will be delivered to you with some nominal charges of INR 107.

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